Healthcare Trust Information


  • Providers who are part of the state’s child care subsidy program (as required by state law)
  • Licensed and friends, family, neighbors
  • Other details will be announced in the coming weeks and months

How it works

  • Funding goes to a CCPU healthcare trust that will then make decisions about allocating funding to meet goal: reduce or eliminate healthcare costs so that all participating providers (insured and uninsured) can access high quality healthcare.
  • Participating providers will receive debit cards with an amount loaded on the card to use for out-of-pocket expenses, and for some, for out-of-pocket premium costs as well.
  • This benefit is voluntary. Eligible providers must choose to sign up to receive the benefit. Once we have the launch date for signups, we will be letting providers we represent know.
  • Dedicated staff will work with providers to support their enrollment in this benefit including when a provider’s situation changes. These staff will also support uninsured providers.
  • This is a reimbursement, not a payment or income, so this will not be included as a reportable income in your tax returns.

What we won

$100M annually to fund healthcare benefit to reduce or eliminate healthcare costs for participating providers. Available to eligible providers who are insured and uninsured.

How do I sign up or get help?

The signups process and how to get help from the Trust will be announced soon.

When do we get this new member benefit?

CCPU members will be voting between August 29 and September 14, 2022, to ratify this healthcare trust into the bargaining contract. Once ratified we will be able to work with the state and the trust on the details so that eligible providers can begin taking advantage of this historic victory as soon as possible.