Child Care Providers United

This is Our Movement

This year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and unprecedented uncertainty, our state and our country realized what we’ve known all along: CHILD CARE IS ESSENTIAL. 

Our community of child care providers keep our country running, allowing parents to go to work so they can continue to keep us safe and keep our economy thriving. But we can’t do that unless we have the resources we need to be safe and healthy. 

Together in our union, we are winning stronger economic support for our work, priority access to PPE, health care coverage, guaranteed payment to providers impacted by COVID-19, cleaning supplies and nutritious food, along with a fierce dedication to helping each other through difficult times. And when we are recognized as the official family child care provider union, we can win permanent improvements for all our child care providers.

Real Stories & Real People

San Jose

Patricia Moran

“We’re early educators with a lot of experience, but many providers who provide excellent care to children are no longer providing that service because we can’t make ends meet.”

San Pedro

Keenan Davis

“We need more providers to join and join us in solidarity. Because this fight takes a village. No single person can win, we have to win collectively.”

Apple Valley

Amasha Griffin

“My greatest joy is just to see [these children] grow up to be productive, respectful leaders in the community.”

Lori Christie

Imperial Beach

“Being part of the union means to me so much because I feel like I have more of a backbone and support in the things that have been a struggle as a provider.”

Elk Grove

Pat Alexander

“For me, my husband works with me, this is our sole income. So I have to be able to make a decent living to meet my needs to run my business and run my household at the same time.”


Francis Ramirez

“I’ve been a child care provider for 15 years, and in those 15 years I realized that were getting paid under minimum wage.”

Long Beach

Ramona Duran

“We teach like a teacher. We cook everyday like a mother...It's hard work."

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