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Healthcare and member dues ratification vote begins on Monday!

Aug 24, 2022

On Monday, August 29, the voting period will begin on two items. The first item to vote on will be approving the Historic Healthcare Fund Tentative Agreement reached by Child Care Providers United (CCPU) and the State of California. The second item will be the approval of our new dues structure. By combining these ratifications simultaneously, we are being the best stewards of your dues as we can be.  

Stay on the lookout for reminder emails and text messages throughout the month from CCPU. 

Voting on Healthcare Assistance Benefit

This agreement will place $100 million in ongoing funding to make healthcare affordable to providers

  • This benefit will lower or eliminate healthcare costs for insured and uninsured providers, addressing both costs for health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Provides start-up funds to set up our CCPU health care trust to administer health care benefit

Voting on a Dues Structure 

We rely solely on dues to run our union’s day-to-day operation, including funding the hard work to represent providers and costs ensuring providers’ taking action can lead to victories for all family child care providers. Creating our dues structure allows CCPU to become self-reliant and create a future that will enable us to forge our own path.

Until now, our local unions have been using the dues from non-child care members to support our work, in addition to the interim dues that many providers have been paying. Establishing a permanent dues structure is one of the next steps in building a powerful CCPU that providers need to continue to win!

The Ratification Process  

The CCPU Negotiations Team unanimously recommends a YES vote on both ballot questions to accept the Tentative Agreement on healthcare and accept the new dues structure. Only union members are eligible to vote. We will hold the ratification process electronically statewide via Election Buddy, an independent, third-party online election system that will tabulate votes. Members will receive their ballot links via email and text message. 

Why is this Ratification Vote so Important?

Over the last year, CCPU members and supporters made thousands of phone calls to the governor, joined dozens of car caravans and press conferences, visited with state legislators, and demanded that family child care providers deserved a contract worthy of their essential worker status. This vote aims to improve access to affordable healthcare benefits and make our union stronger!

If you’re a California family child care provider who would like to vote, but you’re either not a CCPU member or unsure of your status, click here to find your local union. and sign up today.