More Pay for Child Care Providers–everything you need to know!

Feb 22, 2022

A major component of higher pay that CCPU providers won in our contract is supplemental pay, to add to the per-child rates we get for caring for subsidized children. Good news! After months of work, we finally have a proposal set to move forward that will provide much-needed funds to stabilize providers, with the first payments coming out in April. But before this money flows to providers, members will vote to ratify this proposal.

On Monday, February 28, the voting period will begin on the Supplemental Pay we won in our contract. Stay on the lookout for reminder emails and text messages throughout the week from CCPU on how to vote.

CCPU members will receive their electronic ballots from Election Buddy, an independent, third-party online election system that will tabulate votes. When you receive your electronic ballot from Election Buddy on Monday, follow the instructions provided


After months of stalling, more than 2,500 of us made calls and signed petitions demanding that the state take immediate actions to expedite the process of getting providers our supplemental funds. They are finally listening.

Our contract provides two ways that providers’ basic pay increases:

  • First, beginning in January, Regional Market Rate (RMR) ceilings increased to the 2018 survey amounts.
  • Second, because providers needed more funding to address the costs of providing quality child care, CCPU negotiated that the state would appropriate $144.5 million dollars per year for 2 years to childcare providers as an ongoing investment in addressing equity.
  • The supplemental funds will come in the form of a lump sum this year and monthly next fiscal year. The lump sum will be based on license type and amounts are being finalized in the coming days.
  • Eligibility to receive the supplemental funds will be based on the following criteria: licensed providers must have had at least one subsidized child for 3 of the 6 months from May to October 2021 and FFN providers must have had a subsidized child from August to October 2021.

That’s why we need to vote YES next week to ensure the supplemental pay gets out to providers as soon as possible. Providers like you and me can’t wait to pay our mortgages or to pay our staff fairly and competitively enough to keep them on board. We have necessary expenses that we can’t skip! Increasing providers’ pay was one of the most important parts of the contract we fought so hard for. Let’s make sure it happens! 

Important Upcoming Ratification Dates

Feb. 28 Voting period begins on our Supplemental Pay (Expect electronic ballots from ElectionBuddy in the e-mail and phone number you registered with your Local)

Mar. 3 – Last day to vote!

More information about supplemental pay and the upcoming election will be coming soon, so please check your email and text messages.

Important: only CCPU members are eligible to vote.

Union members are eligible to vote. You will receive your electronic ballot from Election Buddy at [email protected] and text messages containing your URL link to vote from a phone number that begins with an 877 area code. When you receive your electronic ballot from Election Buddy, follow the instructions provided.

Ratification will continue until Thursday, March 3 at 3:00 pm- that is the last day ballots will be accepted.


What will my ballot look like?

  • Open the link, read the question and follow the ballot instructions: You will be asked to select one response for the proposed question.
  • Then you will click CONTINUE, you will be asked to review your response, click SUBMIT, and then a confirmation page will appear.

The Negotiations Team recommends a YES vote on this agreement, a major component of higher pay that CCPU providers won in our contract is supplemental pay, to add to the per-child rates we get for caring for subsidized children. Let’s make sure it happens!

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