After nearly two decades of family child care providers organizing to build a union in California, Child Care Providers United has reached a HISTORIC Tentative Agreement with the State of California! 

Our union’s member-elected Negotiation Team, made up of child care providers from across the state, unanimously recommends a YES vote to ACCEPT the Tentative Union Contract.  Read more below to learn about the ratification process and the contents of the Tentative Union Contract.

Only members of CCPU can vote on the Tentative Union Contract. If you are not currently a member or unsure of your status, click here to find your local union. To receive a ballot, you must sign up to become a member by Thursday, July 22 at 3:00 p.m.

Ratification Vote Process and Why It's Important

CCPU’s member-elected Negotiations Team couldn’t be prouder to reach this agreement with the state. Still, this victory was only possible because of providers like you! Over the last year, CCPU members and supporters made thousands of phone calls to the governor. You joined dozens of car caravans and press conferences. And you visited with state legislators, demanding that family child care providers deserved a contract worthy of our essential worker status.

But for our Tentative Agreement and pay raises to go into effect, Child Care Providers United (CCPU) members must vote to approve it. This process is called ratification.

The CCPU Negotiations Team unanimously recommends a YES vote to ACCEPT the Tentative Union Contract. This agreement aims to increase our rates by at least 15%, establish a more formal problem-solving process, and give providers better access to the training we want.

If most CCPU members who vote choose YES, we will ratify our first-ever union contract, granting pay raises to family child care providers across California. If most CCPU members who vote choose NO, then we will reject the Tentative Agreement. We would then continue bargaining, but only after the state has already allocated most of this year’s record budget surplus. 

Only union members are eligible to vote. We will hold the ratification process electronically statewide. To participate, a family child care provider must join CCPU by no later than July 22. Click here to find your local union

Highlights from the Tentative Agreement

Click here to view a detailed summary of the tentative agreement.

Click here to read the full tentative agreement.

  • Increase providers’ pay by 15%!
    • Rate ceilings for all licensed providers will increase to the 75th percentile of the 2018 RMR survey (or remain at current rates if the 2018 amount is lower), taking effect January 1, 2022
    • CCPU decides how to allocate $144,500,000 each year of the contract to improve provider pay
    • License Exempt providers get 70% of all new rate ceilings in all categories
  • Additional improvements to how providers get paid:
    • All adjustment factors will be more accessible for providers
    • Providers can update rate sheets to take effect 60 days after submission.
  • Continue to meet with the state to determine solutions to complicated topics such as:
    • Addressing Licensed Capacity
    • Paid Time Off (PTO)
    • Health Insurance
    • Retirement
    • Pay timeliness & fair referrals
    • Training and professional development
  • A grievance process to more fairly resolve problems

How to Vote

  • The ratification of our Tentative Union Contract will be online, and you will receive your ballot link via email and text messages to the address and number you provided to your union.
  • Only members of CCPU can vote on the Tentative Union Contract. If you are not a current member or unsure of your status, sign up to become a member here:
    • NOTE: In order to receive a ballot, you must sign up to become a member by Thursday, July 22 at 3:00 pm.
  • If you have any questions about how to vote, if you’re having trouble voting, or if you’re not sure you’re eligible to vote, please email your union at  [email protected]

Election Timeline

Start date and time: Monday, July 12, 7:00 AM

Last Day to Become a Member and be able to vote: Thursday, July 22, 3:00 PM

End date and time: Monday, July 26, 3:00 PM

Election Format: Virtual online ballot. Eligible members will receive an email and text message from ELECTION BUDDY to cast one vote to accept or reject the Tentative Union Contract. One vote per member.

Wait, I thought we reached a tentative agreement with the state months ago?

The ratification of our Tentative Union Contract is different from the two COVID-19 agreements reached earlier this year. We are still waiting on the legislature to pass the state budget, followed by the governor’s signature. Once it passes, our second COVID-19 agreement will go into effect, and providers will receive their stipends. Click here for details about each COVID Agreement.

Your Child Care Providers United Negotiations Team

Rahmo Abdi – San Diego
Miren Algorri – San Diego
Claudia Alvarado – San Benito
Kim Bailey – Los Angeles
Christine Benevedes – Tulare
Shaunte Brown – San Diego
Rosa Carreno – Santa Clara
Deborah Corley – Kern
Keenan Davis – Los Angeles
Justine Flores – Los Angeles
Celeste Gatewood Galeno – Tulare
Guillermina Garduno – Imperial
Gabriela Guerrero – Imperial
Nancy Harvey – Alameda
Sylvia Hernandez – Los Angeles
Saul Hurtado – Los Angeles
Jackie Jackson – Los Angeles
Lucrece Lester – Contra Costa
Yessika Magdaleno – Orange
Patricia Moran – Santa Clara
Charlotte Neal – Sacramento
Annette Nicholson – San Joaquin
Deanna Robles – Los Angeles
Rasiene Reece – San Bernardino
Zoila Toma – Los Angeles
Horace Turner – Stanislaus
Claudia Valladares – Imperial
Owen Velez – San Francisco
Georgina Villegas – Imperial
Verlinda Walker – Los Angeles