How to Vote Yes in the Union Election

Now more than ever, Child Care Providers United’s goal is to help providers, kids and families, build the child care system we deserve. When providers come together, we help our communities and lift up our profession. Today, we have an opportunity to create California’s first official union of family child care providers. But, it can only happen if we VOTE in our union election and show CA we are ready to create the early education system our state needs.

Why is this election important?

This election will decide whether or not our union will be officially recognized by the state. Having our union recognized will give us a seat at the table with decision-makers to directly negotiate rates, healthcare benefits, and resources we need to keep child care strong during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. And when we are recognized, the State of California is required by law to bargain with us – just like workers in schools, state offices and Courts.

I’m in! What do I have to do?

This part is easy! Ballots will be mailed June 22. All you do is follow the instructions on the ballot to vote YES for CCPU and mail the ballot back to the address on the envelope. It takes a few minutes and postage is included!

I haven’t received my ballot. Can I get a new one?

Yes! If you do not receive your ballot by July 6, call the union at 833-221-CCPU (2278) or email [email protected] and we will work with you to make sure that AAA gets you a ballot.

When is the last day I can vote?

Ballots must be received in Sacramento no later than July 22, so you should mail it no later than July 18th to ensure that your vote is counted.

How can I get election updates?

Text GOTV to 787753! We’ll be sending you important resources and reminders on how to vote and when – everything you need to make sure your voice is heard in this election!