CCPU Membership Dues

For the first time ever, CCPU has created a dues structure to reflect our values of equity and our commitment to the future.

Our member leaders endorsed a new dues structure that ensures financial stability so our union can fight to win the wages and benefits child care providers desperatly need. In this structure, the dues rate will be 1.5% of gross subsidy pay, with a monthly maximum payment of $90. A year later, along with the ratification of our next bargaining agreement, the rate will increase by 0.5% for a total of 2% with the same monthly maximum payment of $90.

What we’ve accomplished

When we began the path to our union over 20 years ago, we set out with a clear and uncompromising goal: to better the lives of child care providers, the children in our care, and our communities. And together, we have won victories that have changed the face of child care in California:

Collective bargaining rights

Supplemental pay

COVID paid sick days

Higher subsidy rates

Healthcare funds

Direct deposit

PPE and supplies during COVID-19 pandemic

Retirement Funding

...And so much more.

What we can win

Now we are ready for bigger challenges—and bigger rewards. Together, we can build financial security for a stronger, self-sufficient union that will deliver more historic wins!

  • YES! for higher subsidy pay
  • YES! for more access to high-quality healthcare
  • YES! for retirement security
  • YES! for a future where everyone has access to quality child care
  • YES! for our future

The last 20 years and the ongoing pandemic has shown us we cannot go back to the way things used to be, but the way forward holds promises and rewards that can change our lives for the better.

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