CCPU Negotiations Team

The following union members were democratically elected to be seated on the Child Care Providers United (CCPU) Negotiations Team to bargain our second contract with the state.

Learn more about each member of your statewide Negotiations Team from SEIU Local 99, SEIU Local 521, and UDW/ AFSCME Local 3930 by clicking on their name below.

Andrea Sandoval

My name is Andrea Sandoval. I run a large family childcare in Sonoma County with my husband Jorge. We have 2 children ages 4 and 9. I love swimming with my kids and powerlifting with my girl friends.

Annette Marie Nicholson

My name is Annette Nicholson , I currently served on the negotiation team. I have been a daycare provider for over 15 years and during that time I realize that something is wrong in the field I love. I know that we are not being paid equitable for the serves we provide and the career path does not afford us retirement and benefits. But I love my career, so when the union came along I was excited to learn that someone was will to fight to make us whole. I was also ready to jump in and serve where ever I could to help make sure that we are made whole. Serving on the negotiating team allowed me to help fight right up front. Making sure the state know what we deserve, what’s fair and equitable to providers and to make sure we get what we need. YES I would like to continue representing our county San Joaquin.

Bernice Jimmons

Hello, my name is Bernice Jimmons. I am a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Foster parent, and Child care provider. Started my family in 1965 and enter the professional field of caregiving in 1970. For many years I have been involved in the community by working in the field of education as a professional and a volunteer. In 2005, opened my Child care business Jimmons Family Child Care aka Excellent Child Care. It was important for to me go back to school to continue my education. One great achievement for me was becoming an Honor student in child development. Acquiring a Child Development Teacher Permit and continuing with learning new tools, provide a safe environment and creative ways to help children learn. In these past few years seeing how important it was to provide services to those families who worked through the pandemic. Providing an essential service as a child care provider.

Charlotte Neal

Charlotte Neal childcare provider serving families in Sacramento for 24 years, caring for children is my passion and love. I’m a member of CCPU fighting for providers across the state of California. When We Fight We Win!!!!!

Claudia Alvarado

I live in Hollister, San Benito County. I have lived here for 22yrs. I attended Gavilan College and obtained 4 college certificates in Early Child Development. I have experience lobbying and have a passion to fight for provider’s rights. As a child I participated in the Cesar Chavez rallies, Si Se Puede! I also obtained my Child Development Associate. As a member of the union, I have been part of the negotiations team for the past 2yrs. I have also been part of the Retirement JLMC and Rate Structure JLMC. I am bilingual and am passionate about fighting for children’s right and the benefits all providers are long overdue. Providers are the backbone of California and have showed it through the pandemic. I’m married and have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.

Cristian Corona

I am a mother of 4 children and have had over 14 years’ experience in the Early Childhood Education Industry. I immigrated from Mexico with a dream to one day open my own Early Education Center, I have an AS in Early Childhood Education and have been working with children for over 15 years. I started working as an assistant at a family child care in East LA and worked at some other ones until I became a lead teacher at a daycare center, and eventually got promoted to assistant director. After having my girls back to back, I had the need to stay home and decided to go back to college to get more classes in. After a while, I took the chance to open my own family child care facility right before COVID in January 2020. After many challenges that year had for us, we made it through. I want to be part of the negotiations team because I want to be part of the change in the future of all of us providers.

Domonique McQuarters

Domonique started her love for Child Development and Family Child Care homes at an early age. After working as a Preschool Director and an Assistant Director in southern California for over 12 years she decided to open her child care. She has served many families and children and coaching for several childcare providers. While preparing to open her first preschool and family development center next year. Dominique looks forward to being a voice on behalf of Family Childcare Homes.

Eduviguez Ramirez

I am a child care provider for 6 years in the city of San José Ca, with experience in early childhood education for more than 12 years and I have a permit as a program director. As soon as I opened my daycare I joined SEIU Local 521 and worked hard recruiting new providers, visiting them door to door and inviting them to be part of our group. I cooperated by leading monthly meetings in our group. I participated giving Mandatory Reporter training, I supported in meetings with the Department of Social Services (License) and the California Department of Education in Sacramento bringing to the table the problems that the providers were facing. I participated in dialogues with politicians (lobby visit) from Santa Clara County and the Capitol in Sacramento making them aware of our needs as providers attracting their attention to support us. I participated in rallies in different cities, driving vehicles to mobilize providers and inviting families to our demonstrations. I promoted house-to-house and phone banking voting for candidates who support our union. Throughout my career, I consider myself capable of being a member of the bargaining team of our SEIU Local 521 union and I will fight tirelessly to ensure that we have a good retirement plan and medical benefits, fair rates, as well as more support for providers. I will also work to raise the professional image of child care providers through education and that our profession is respected and recognized as it deserves.

Guillermina Garduno

My name is Guillermina Garduno, I am child care provider in Imperial County. I have been doing childcare since 1998. I have been fighting for the right to have a union since 2006. I am proud to be a member of our union.

Horace Turner

Horace Kevin Turner. Has a large license in Patterson, Ca. Which is in Stanislaus County. Has been in the child card industry for 13 plus years.
Business childcare model is Take a village to raise a child.

Hussein Almukhtar

Hussein Almukhtar
Child Care Provider for 5 years, Speaks English and Arabic, member of negotiation team
San Diego CA

Iris Magana

Hello, my name is Iris Magana, married I have three children, I have been a family childcare provider for over 25+ years, first I was license exempt. I spent years as a caregiver the children of my family, acquaintances, and foster children in their foster homes, among other part-time jobs. I went back to school and took child development classes and was able to get my teacher’s associate permit, I worked for several years in a childcare center. Now I decided to get my license and dedicate myself full time to home childcare. I have always been aware of all the work and difficulties that we as providers go through, in a job that is very nice but at the same time is a lot of responsibility and where we had not been valued as early childhood educators. Now I want to be part of the bargaining table because I want to fight shoulder to shoulder with the other members to be recognized and supported in our childcare careers/business. I am a persevering woman who does not give up. As the leader of Project to Inspire I was a leader in supporting families to advocate for their children and our children in the school district at the county level. Now I am going to fight for the rights of the providers and all the benefits they deserve. I will also fight to be recognized and given what we deserve as family childcare providers, since our work as educators is very valuable.

Isabel Rico

My name is Isabel Cardenas, I have been a Child Care Provider in Hollister County San Benito for 20 years. I attended Gavilan College from 2004 to 2009, and Cabrillo from 2009 to 2017, I have my CDA and continue to take workshops via zoom. I have my husband and three children, my children have already graduated from the University, now I take care of the children and encourage them so that tomorrow they will be university students. I would like to be at the negotiating table to fight for our rights, to have more increases in child care payments since it is a very delicate job and we do not have what we truly deserve. My goal is to fight together with you to achieve this purpose and “UNITED WE WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED” we will knock on doors and if some are closed we will knock on others but we will not give up.

Justine Flores

I have the knowledge and have proven myself to be worthy to provide accurate complete information to providers I have advocated for providers on multiple levels I have been the only provider in California that has won victories at both federal and state levels.

Leidy Bernasconi

Dear fellow childcare owners, thank you for nominating me for a seat on the CCPU negotiation team. My father told me that politics means serving your community. Vote for me, Leidy Milla Bernasconi, on November 18th, 2022. I am ready to serve you and represent the needs of our industry! I have so much pride in our community of childcare providers and I am so grateful to have this opportunity to represent us.
As a first-generation Peruvian American woman, my goal is to empower other childcare owners. For over 10 years, my passion has been the childcare industry. I know firsthand the difficulties that we are facing and I am proud to offer free resources including educational videos, training, and webinars to guide and help others in the childcare industry. Through the years, I have met with many of you in person and listened to your struggles, and many times we have cried together. I know what you are going through and we can do something to make a change!

I am determined, persistent, and resourceful. I believe that with my extensive experience, knowledge, and skills I would be a valuable addition to the CCPU negotiation team. I’m here to represent you and advocate for our rights as childcare providers. I’m an open book and I’m here to stand up and make a change so we can continue doing what we do best, working for the future of the children in our community. To do this, I will need your vote

Maria Bejar

Hello, my name is Maria Ivonne Bejar. I have been a childcare provider from the Sacramento area for over 20 years. I am originally from Peru and moved to California in 1999. My passion for working with children started over 35 years ago as a teacher and principal of an elementary program. My educational mission helped me start my family daycare. I believe that united we are strong, so I am an active member of the union UDW local 3930. Working to benefit my fellow providers, I am also a member of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) on Educator-Led Communities of Care(ELCC). I enjoy being a mentor for future childcare providers and an activist in my community. My mission is to bring equity and equality to my fellow childcare providers and improve the quality of care for children.

Maria Cisneros

My name is Maria Cisneros and I am a child care provider in Bakersfield, Kern County. I have been a child care provider for 19 years. My Early Learning education is continuous in ECE courses and workshops because it is important that I continue to provide the highest quality service to all families. As a child care provider I know how important it is to have a voice. And for that reason I have been involved with CCPU since this fight began 17 years ago and I will continue to fight for what we deserve as child care providers. I would like to represent all child care providers at the negotiating table to tell the State of California all the obstacles we face as providers. I have been involved in the last 3 years with CCPU in the form of volunteering at caravans in Bakersfield, calling politicians to tell them to support us, going to Sacramento and Fresno to speak with politicians. I am convinced that together we can achieve a better contract and together we can overcome any obstacle because unity is strength.

Maria Millings

Hello, I am Maria Elena Millings. I have been a family daycare provider since 1997. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful women, and I have two amazing grandchildren that ROCK MY LIFE! I have been an advocate for families and children ever since I started as a daycare provider. I am passionate about working with young children and families to educate, create connections, and establish relationships that endure forever.

Miren Algorri

Miren Algorri is an early childhood educator, small business owner and community advocate. Algorri has been operating Little Blossoms Child Care since 1997. As an educator, she has been caring for and teaching young children in the South Bay community and has also had the opportunity to work with underserved children in Thailand and South Africa.
As a family child care provider, Algorri has worked tirelessly so those children and their families receive the support required so they can thrive. Whether providing resources such as food pantries, diaper banks or rental assistance, or collaborating with local agencies to make parenting classes available in their primary language and advocating for free or more access to child care services, Algorri has focused her efforts to make sure that the children and families she cares for have the tools they need to succeed.
As a union leader with Child Care Providers United (CCPU-UDW/AFSCME Local 3930), she led other providers to organize and to grow support across the state amongst citizens and elected officials for the more than forty-five thousand providers she helps represent.
Some of the issues Algorri has been and continues to fight for are livable wages, healthcare, and sick days. As a union member, Algorri has had the opportunity to advocate for families and child care providers across California at the local, state, and national level. She has met with representatives and legislators and brought to their attention the need for support for the most vulnerable population, our young children, especially the marginalized children who are underserved and underrepresented.
Algorri was appointed to the Early Childhood Policy Council Workforce Subcommittee by California Govenor Gavin Newsom in 2019. Through this platform Algorri has continued sharing her expertise in the early education field and voicing the concerns, feelings and needs of the families and child care providers across California.

Nancy Harvey

My name is Nancy Harvey and I have been a childcare provider for the past nineteen years in the City of Oakland and a strong member and advocate for childcare providers. I have been fighting alongside SEIU/CCPU for approximately thirteen years to enhance the entire child care system.

This year, due to my many years of volunteer service and dedication to the ECE community, Assemblymember Mia Bonta of District 18 awarded me the Unsung Hero Award and a Resolution from the California State Assembly. Congressman Eric Swalwell of District 15 invited me to be his virtual guest to President Biden’s State of the Union Address to Congress. In addition to these accolades, a documentary series, written by NBC entitled ‘No Man’s Land’, in which I discuss concerns regarding our challenges in ECE has won numerous prestigious awards including a Peabody and Emmy Award.

For the past two years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving as your Alameda County Representative on the Child Care Providers United (CCPU) Negotiating Team. During the course of this term, I have been a part of an amazing group of childcare providers from throughout the State of California. These women and men have worked tirelessly on fighting for rights and benefits in which child care providers had been denied but yet were deserving of. Through collective bargaining rights, we were able to make significant improvements to our industry.

I am so proud and grateful to be able to say that I am a part of the change in our industry. Listed below are a list of the many historic accomplishments and “wins” that I helped accomplish as a CCPU Negotiating Team member. All of these accomplishments occurred during my two-year term.

A one-time stipend of $525.00 per child enrolled in a subsidized child care program in November 2020. This stipend included children enrolled in Family Child Care Network Program.
In March 2021, based upon the number of subsidized children that providers had cared for in the month of November, providers received an additional $600.00 per subsidized child.
In June 2021, ALL licensed providers, private pay and subsidized providers received an additional $3500.00 stipend in order to help maintain their business.
Sixteen additional paid non-operational days when a provider closes due to covid-19. This brought the total available non-operational days to 40. These 16 additional days were made available retroactively from September 1,2020 to June 30,2021.
A waiver of all family fees and reimbursement to providers for these fees.
A 15% pay increase, which will begin this January, for every family child care provider in California. The rates were increased to the 75th percentile of the 2018 Regional Market Rate.
An additional supplemental Rate Funding of $ 289 million to be dispersed over the term of 24 months.
$40 million for additional provider training and education, allowing more providers to become licensed and many other long waiting support.
Shelter in Place Agreement which stated that providers who care for subsidized children would be reimbursed based on maximum authorized hours of care, regardless of child’s attendance. This agreement gave parents the choice of keeping their children home due to the pandemic and providers the ability to keep their doors open.
Lastly, a health care plan for Child Care Providers that is the largest Health Care Plan for child care providers in the nation.
Currently, I serve on the following boards and organizations: Bananas Inc., Alameda County Planning Council, Oakland Smart and Strong, CCPU Provider Legislative and Policy Committee. As I serve on these different boards, I am forever reminded of the importance of giving of my time and input, making sure that as policy is being discussed and made, child care providers are not being left out.

I am asking for YOUR VOTE; If re-elected to serve as your representative for the next two years, I promise that I will do my very best to continue to fight for more critical benefits such as a retirement plan for all child care providers. Thank you and working together, we can all live the American Dream.

Pamela Rocha

I am Pamela Rocha and run a large in home childcare in Siskiyou county. I’ve been doing childcare for 10+ years. I became a union member to help childcare providers have a voice. We are professionals and deserve a wage that reflects our hard work and dedication. I will fight for any of brothers and sisters and always have you back. We are stronger together!

Patrica Moran

My name is Patricia Moran and I am originally from Bolivia, a country inSouth America. I have 22 years of experience in the Career of ChildDevelopment. I studied law in my native Bolivia and I received my BA in Child Development here in California. After different opportunities and career experience such as Preschool Head Teacher, Spanish Teacher, and Child Development Provider Coordinator at one of the agencies in Santa Clara County. Working at this agency, I came to realize the abuses and discrimination providers had to endure. Having daily contact with providers, I heard their situation and the fear of retaliation if they spoke up. I decided to open my own daycare 8 years ago because of my great passion for educating children. When I was presented with the opportunity to be part of the Union, I took the strength to fight against injustice and abuse and fight for change, positive change. I started to be very active attending lobby visits and provider visits and signed them up in our union, thus growing membership in Santa Clara County. This is me, Patricia Moran, and like I told CDE in our first meeting, “We, providers are no longer afraid to speak up.”

Sandra Saenz

Hello, my name is Sandra I. Sáenz I have had a child care center for 22 years, and I really enjoy providing care to children in my community and surroundings from a very young age. My great dream is to educate and be a teacher of young children. Thanks

Saul Hurtado

Hello Everyone,

As you already know, CCPU has won so many victories in a short time but at the same time, we lost as well. This job sometimes requires you to work late in the night away from your family and friends or even on the weekends when all your plans are put on hold. But in the end, I never lost sight of the goal to get to the finish line. As your representative on the Board, I ask you once again for your support. I’m running for re-election to represent every single of you. Our work’s not done, there are so many things to accomplish especially our new contract that is coming very soon. I have learned that in this fight, we need to stand together and not be apart. Politics can be dirty, but it’s up to us to stand tall with the facts in hand. I look forward to getting the chance once again of representing all of you.

Thank you.

Shannon Fields Benjamin

My name is Shannon Fields-Benjamin. I am a native of Los Angeles California I joined local 99 in 2016 and have gained new and beautiful relationships through our rough and tough times of covid19, via zoom, in-person classes, and social/ voting events which has taught me how to stand for something or fall for anything. It’s important to stick together. Unions are the best way for us to fight effectively for respect and equality and compensation for our hard work as educators.

Sylvia Hernandez

My name is Sylvia Jeannette Hernandez. I am a Child Care Provider. I am from the Negotiation Team from our Local 99 representing Providers from LA County. I am the second generation in the Child Care Industry and have been in business since 2007. I have my education in Early Childhood Education. I have 22 years of experience as an Early Childhood Educator. I believe in giving children the opportunity to learn and discover new things; that they have not experienced before. I also believe in giving a second chance to parents who want to educate themselves and improve their working skills and education. I promote interaction and good relationships with the parent, community, children, and staff. All of this creates a powerful environment for the children to develop in learning growth and same as their emotional and social growth, same as for the providers. I consider myself a highly experienced provider with a view of the importance of childcare and providers. Before this pandemic, I demonstrated that I can bring the message to Sacramento and legislators in both parties about why we need more funds for providers and our children. I will express it through press cameras and on the internet to move the message between the communities. Being part of the CCPU Local 99, has given me the strength and support to advocate for my colleagues. If elected again, I will continue to work and advocate for all providers in a professional manner for the state of California. We need to be heard and no more excuses why we can’t get what we deserve as Child Care Educators that we all are. We deserve to get what we needed years ago but now it is the time to make changes for our present and future Providers.

Mi nombre es Sylvia Jeannette Hernández. Soy del Equipo de Negociación de nuestro Local 99 que representa a los Proveedores del Condado de Los Ángeles, Soy la segunda generación en la Industria del Cuidado Infantil y he estado en el negocio desde 2007. Tengo mi Educación en la Temprana Educación Infantil. Tengo 22 años de experiencia como Educadora de la Primera Infancia.
Creo en dar a los niños la oportunidad de aprender y descubrir cosas nuevas; que no han experimentado antes. También creo en dar una segunda oportunidad a los padres que quieren educarse a sí mismos y mejorar sus habilidades de trabajo y educación. Promociono la interacción y las buenas relaciones con los padres, la comunidad, los niños y el personal. Todo esto crea un ambiente poderoso para que los niños se desarrollen en el crecimiento del aprendizaje y lo mismo que su crecimiento emocional y social, como para los proveedores.
Me considero una proveedora altamente con experiencia a la importancia del cuidado de niños y los proveedores. Antes de esta pandemia, he demostrado que puedo llevar el mensaje a Sacramento y a los legisladores de ambas partes sobre por qué necesitamos más fondos para los proveedores y nuestros hijos. He mostrado lo que los proveedores necesitan, lo he expresado en cámaras de prensa y en Internet para mover el mensaje entre las comunidades. Ser parte de la CCPU Local 99, me ha dado la fuerza y el apoyo para abogar por mis colegas. Si soy elegida nuevamente, continuare trabajando y abogando por todos los proveedores de manera profesional para el Estado de California. NECESITAMOS ser escuchados y no más excusas por las que no podemos obtener lo que Merecemos como Educadores del Cuidado Infantil que todos somos. NOSOTROS merecemos hace anos atrás, pero ahora es el momento de hacer cambios para nuestros proveedores presentes y futuros.

Tanika Banahene

My name is Tanika Banahene I’m a licensed Childcare provide here in Sacramento, California. I am a new member of the Bargain Negotiation Team representing SUIE 3930. I have been a license Childcare provider for 4 years license by Department of Social Services. Previous career I was Assistant Vic President serves as a Branch Manager of Financial Operations my banking professional span for over 15 years. My education background I have a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Sociology and an MBA in Business Administration.
Since I started my program, I have been very activity in learning more to stay engage in the field of child development. Each year I enroll in the Raising Quality Together Program I have completed professional development training. I serve as a board member of National Coalition 100 Black Women Sacramento Chapter. We are community base and advocates for families like Provider who care about women and children well-being. In closing Iam looking forward to help make Providers voices heard and advocated for all providers that will bring about change for the current and next generation.

Yessika Magdaleno

My name is Yessika Magdaleno, a Family Child Care provider in Orange County, California. I have 21 years working in this field, providing care in my community. I started this career to be able to stay with my children as I was pregnant with my second child Isaac. Thinking of giving the best to God, family, community, and friends. The desire to have a voice and be recognized as early childhood educators led me to work all these years tirelessly representing family child care providers.

Zonia Sanchez

Zonia Elizabeth Alberto-Sánchez, originaria de El Salvador, Licenciada en Contaduría Publica, Máster en Finanzas Públicas, labore durante 30 años para el MINISTERIO DE HACIENDA DEL GOBIERNO DE EL SALVADOR. Madre de 3 hijos y abuela de cinco nietos. Inmigre a California, a la Ciudad de Palmdale Estados Unidos, en el 2007. A pesar del cambio lingüístico y cultural, inicié mi superación a través del Proyecto Avanzando HEP. y obtuve mi Diploma del GED en Agosto del 2012. Actualmente trabajo para INTEGRATED COMMUNITY COLLABORATIVE (ICC), como INTEGRADORA, ya que soy una madre de una niña de 25 años con DESABILIDAD INTELECTUAL, aprendí a navegar el sistema de los centras regionales y como tal, quiero ayudar a otras familias que como la mía son parte de las estadísticas de la desigualdad en nuestra comunidad. Utilizando mis experiencias vividas con mi hija doy asistencia para empoderar a los padres para que tengan mejor acceso a los servicios del Centro Regional y Distrito escolar. Siempre me ha gustado ayudar a los demás. También soy Promotora Comunitaria pora Visión y Compromiso. Desde hace más de 10 años soy miembro activo del Cuerpo de Orientocion de Best Start Palmdale Partnership, promovida por First 5 LA donde he colaborado como:

Embajadora de Best Start Palmdale en Antelope Valley Pathway to End Homelessness, AVEH.
Embaladora de Best Start ante la Ciudad de Palmdale en la Campaña de Limpieza de terrenos vacios alrededor de Parques y Escuelas
Miembro del Comité de Análisis y Definición de límites geográficos del Valle del Antilope. 14
Miembro del Comité para la Organización y Regulación de Membresía del Partnership.
Miembro del Comité de Proyección y Alcance de la Comunicación, Best Start Palmdale.
Miembro del Comité de Planeación y Desarrallo de Presupuestos.
Miembro del Comité de Implementación y Evaluación de Objetivos.

Además, Soy miembro del Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Promuevo Talleres Educativos para Padres con el Parents Institute for Quality Education en los Valles del Antilope y San Fernando. Así como participo activamente de las Academias para Padres del Distrito Escolar de Palmdale con escuelas como Chaparral y los Amigos.